The A to Z Method: From Anxious to Zen
  • Do you feel anxious ALL the time!?
  • Have you been told the only option to reduce your anxiety is to take medication?
  • Fatigued and tired all day long?
  • Overwhelmed and feel like you just can’t handle some days?
  • Crave carbs and sweets?
  • Noticed a significant increase in anxiety post-baby?
  • Are you ready to live a mentally calm life without the fear of panic setting in at any moment?

Did You Know?

Protein intake can impact your anxiety levels
The A to Z Method Program
is a 3 month nutrition program designed to help you understand the underlying physical imbalances contributing to your anxiety

Discover how to minimize your anxiety without medication

Learn what and how to eat to support your mental health, mood swings and avoid anxiety triggers

Understand how to eat to increase your energy and avoid waking and feeling tired all day long

Encourage self love, strengthen your self awareness and improve confidence

Feel more calm, confident and in-control

Your investment

You and I will work together on an individualized health plan to bring balance back to your digestive system by reducing inflammation. Each week we’ll set manageable goals so that you will succeed! Weekly goals will include focus on 3 main areas: nutrition, eating habits and mindfulness practice

Did you Know?

Food sensitivities may be an underlying contributor to your anxiety

Core Pillars of the Program


Develop eating habits to support digestion and learn what foods and nutrients are needed to improve nervous system function, reduce inflammation and promote healthy brain function


Incorporate self care, develop an optimistic mindset and learn personal boundaries so you can actually feel HAPPY

Stress Reduction

Master nervous system regulation, develop stress reduction techniques and the ability to recognize and manage your anxiety triggers


Discover the restorative power of spending time in nature in order to bring your body back into balance

Has your anxiety gotten worse since you've had your baby?

Are you a new mom?

The A to Z Method is a

great fit for you!

Are you looking to get back on track so you can finally feel like you again?

Program F.A.Q.

Is there a payment plan option?


You have the option to make 3 monthly payments of $365.00

The first payment is due prior to the initial consultation. The second and third payments are due 30 and 60 days respectively after the initial consult.

Why is the program 3 months?

Our bodies take time to change. 3 months is the amount of time it takes for you to start noticing differences that you incorporate into your diet and routine.

Remember, your anxiety didn't just start over night. It took time to develop and it will take time to bring your body back into balances.

How often do the sessions occur?

The initial consultation and follow up health plan review session are held during week 1 and week 2.

All follow up sessions are bi-weekly once the health plan review sessions has been completed.

What's Included:

• A 90 minute extensive initial assessment where we review your health history, main symptoms and concerns

• A personalized health management plan including nutritional, natural supplement and lifestyle recommendations during a 60 minute review session

• 5-45 minute follow up bi-weekly check-in sessions and goal review

• Brain supportive food list and 3 one week meal plans

•A custom gratitude journal to encourage a positive mindset shift

• Daily email or text support as needed to encourage you through the process

• Discounts on natural supplements included in your anxiety management plan

Still have questions about the program?

Book a complimentary discovery call where we can discuss any questions you have about the program

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