My Favouties

Guided Relaxation

Insight Timer

The best app for sleep, anxiety & stress with more than 1000 guided recordings


Shampoo & Conditioner

Carina Organics

Sustainably sourced and certified organic shampoo and conditioner


Elate Beauty

Clean and ethical ingredients, sustainable packaging and responsible marketing

Skin Care

Love North

Ethically harvested, local Canadian skincare from Muskoka

Skin Care


Hand crafted, organic, cruelty free, sustainable and socially concious local products from Toronto

Clean Dental

Nelson Naturals

Remineralizing, natural toothpaste that even comes in eco-consious glass jars!

Clean Dental


Tongue cleaner's and ionic toothbrushes



High quality, natural ingredients that keep you smelling clean all day long

Men's Skin Care

Every Man Jack

Naturally derived, plant-based ingredients including body, hair, beard & shaving products

Clean Home

Kitchen & Home

The Bare Home Company

Eco sustainable products that are clean and safe for your body, home & the planet including dishwashing, laundry detergent, all purpose cleaners

Essential Oils


Pure quality essential oils with third party testing. Add to vinegar for your clean, home-made cleaning solution. My favourites: Tea Tree, Lemon, On Guard


Allen's Double Strength Cleaning Vinegar

Contains strong antimicrobial properties, making it a convenient & affordable option as a natural disinfectant and household cleaner

Clean Home & Body

The Kind Matter Company

Eco-friendly, low waste refill store that carries all clean, natural & local products

Clean Kitchen

Non - Toxic Storage


Made from platinum silicone and contains no added fillers, polymers, or by-products and are safe to cook, freeze, and run in the dishwasher

Non - Toxic Storage


Affordable glass containers in all shapes and sizes with bamboo lids

Non - Toxic Cooking

Stainless Steel Cookware

Non stick cookware (pans & pots) contains ingredients that negatively impact your hormonal system. Stainless steel or ceramic are healthier alternatives

Non - Toxic Baking

Glass Dishes & Bakeware

Non stick pans contain ingredients that negatively impact your hormonal system. Glass or ceramic are healthier alternatives

Produce Bags

Life Witout Waste

100% organic cotton produce bags to minimize toxic plastic exposure to the food you eat

Unbleached Kitchen Products

If You Care

Unbleached, chlorine-free, recycled cardboard or paper products including kitchen, baking, coffee and other household products


The Unscented Company

Super concentrated formula made from more than 93% plant and mineral based ingredients and fragrance, dye, phosphate and chlorine free. You'll never notice the difference!

Cooking - Grains & Beans

Instant Pot

This stainless steel multi use cooker provides quality, convenience and versatility. Pressure cooking reduces lectins in grains and beans which can contribute to digestive issues

Stress & Anxiety



Health Canada's only approved natural herbal supplements and essential oil rollers for stress



Health Canada's only approved natrual herbal supplements and essential oil rollers for anxiety



Curated bath soaks using real dried flowers, herbs & essential oils

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