Discover how to minimize your daily anxiety without medication

Learn what and how to eat to support your mental health, mood swings and avoid anxiety triggers

Understand how to eat to increase your energy and avoid waking and feeling tired all day long

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The A to Z Method:

From Anxious to Zen

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•Burnt Out

•Daily Stress


I guide you through a customized, 1 on 1, 3 month nutrition program to understand your physical imbalances that contribute to anxiety. Learn how to manage them and feel more at peace with your mind and body

1:1 Nutritional Coaching

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•Stomach Cramping


Sugar Cravings

I work with you 1 on 1 to ensure your specific needs are understood and provide accountability and support as we discover and overcome the root cause of your gut imbalance. Various program lengths are availabile

Corporate & Community Wellness

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I offer workshops educating groups on the important connection between nutrition, gut health and mental health. Perfect for corporate wellness initiatives, school talks, book clubs or any group eager to learn!

Hi, my name is


My mission is to help educate and guide people struggling with digestive and mental health symptoms back to a state of balance. This stems from my realization that many people, including myself, don’t even know they are struggling with anxiety until it is really bad. This is how it started for me....

Helping you restore balance to your gut so you can minimize your anxiety, reduce your stress and wake up energized, allowing you to live a fully present and mentally calm life

Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Book

Eat your way to better health with this ebook


Of those with IBS experience psychological symptoms, including anxiety


The estimated prevalance of GERD in North America

Lactose Intolerance

Is assoaciated with a lower quality of life

Up to 80%

Of IBS cases have

underlying SIBO

Source: Canadian Digestive Health Foundation


Krista uses her own personal experience and her education to build a program that works for you! I found the setup of the program to set me up for success, and provide the support I need (even through text or email between sessions). I highly recommend Sprout Your Health!”


The Anxiety Program was exactly what I needed post-baby to get back on track. I was feeling anxious, tired and in general not my best self. Krista was able to provide me with a plan that I could continue forward throughout my daily life. Her approach not only guides you but provides you with the education behind her methods. It was apparent that Krista truly has a passion for what she does and genuinely wants to help others feel their best. Without a doubt I would recommend Krista to anyone seeking nutritional advice for anxiety


Thanks so much for connecting in such a great way with my team during the mental health and nutrition session. Krista laid a foundation for mental health programs at our company. After her session, we are thinking about nutrition in a whole new way


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